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Accelerate Time to Value

Make existing products better – add a claim, improve check-in at delivery, raise the quality bar. Take on a new project and deliver it more quickly. Remove the noise and daily minutia. Focus on the exceptions. Think ahead.

Other benefits include:

Reduced time to value: Cloud architecture reduces installation and configuration time as well as the issues that get in the way of deployment.

Lower costs: There is no hardware to be procured or IT administration resources required. License and maintenance costs are shared by all customers that use the multi-tenant cloud platform.

No technology debt: SaaS solutions reside in the cloud and can scale as your business adds new brands, products, suppliers and stores.

No software license: You only pay for what you use. It works like a rental. Pay to use the software for a period of time – typically as an annual subscription. There are no software licenses and we don’t count seats, so you can add users as your team grows.