Sustainable Sourcing

palms grown for sustainable palm oil production
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TraQtion’s sustainable sourcing software helps foodservice companies, retailers and manufacturers execute their sustainable sourcing strategies by tracking supplier sourcing of high-impact commodities from source to store. TraQtion’s operational intelligence transforms this transactional data into measureable key performance indicators (KPIs). TraQtion lets you compare actual performance against company responsible sourcing standards. You can also share data-driven progress reports against corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets with your stakeholders.

TraQtion’s sustainability software was built from the ground up by an integrated team of sustainability specialists and software professionals to harness the power of big data. It seamlessly weaves sustainability data management capabilities with core competencies in quality and safety, enabling easier data collection and management across supply chains, better reporting and faster decision-making.


  • Gain traceability and transparency: Track commodity compliance to corporate policies and goals, or to certification or verification priorities, to align with your risk-management and sustainability goals.
  • Align with external reporting frameworks such as CDP (formerly the Climate Disclosure Project), GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) and SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative).
  • Monitor sustainability KPIs in real time with powerful trending and analytics capabilities. Review procurement and facility compliance across geographies, and trace sustainability activity all the way to the source.
  • Detect non-conformances through TraQtion’s proprietary compliance engine algorithm. It ensures the correct information is required of suppliers and facilities, based on their supply chain stage, commoditysustainability standards and risk profile, and then automatically notifies users, facility managers and suppliers of any non-compliances.
  • Engage suppliers: Optimize buy-in for your sustainability goals with easy and accurate communication with your suppliers. Update corporate social responsibility standards and codes of conduct, and communicate these changes to relevant suppliers any time.
  • Centralized document repository to make all your data – documents, audit reports, questionnaires and certifications – accessible to all teams. Automated document management with a dashboard view of operations ensures you are meeting your goals.