Specification Management Software

peanut contamination drives product recalls
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TraQtion’s specification management protects retailers and manufacturers from quality defects and allergen scares.

TraQtion allows you to:

  • Digitalize every version of your recipe: Centralize your recipe and ingredient data in digital format with TraQtion software.
  • Simplify formulation development: TraQtion’s specification software minimizes manual data entry. Let the system automatically calculate product, nutrition and allergen specifications and declarations when evaluated and finalized. When ingredients are replaced during testing, trialing and costing, let the system recalculate specifications and declarations.
  • Streamline the approval process: Digitally exchange information with your suppliers. Suppliers can log into an online portal to build supplier specification. Built-in workflow automates the specification approval process.
  • Control product quality: Coupled with TraQtion’s product quality module, you can be sure the product you are receiving matches what you paid for; compare and contrast inbound supplier specifications against your quality and safety standards before accepting shipment.


TraQtion provides these specification management features:

  • Improve digital recordkeeping: Create version-stamped digital material records that include nutrition and formulation, allergen and certification information. Archive records to maintain FSMA compliance and validate label claims.
  • Increase label and packaging accuracy: TraQtion’s specification software records pack copy
  • Better manage ingredient and formulation KPIs: Monitor by formulation, batch or ingredient attributes; determine where reductions can be made or claims can be promoted based on our formulation compliance
  • Increase supply chain transparency: Trace products to the source by mapping your suppliers’ suppliers to monitor operational and sustainability risks
  • Recover faster from recalls: Easily search for replacement suppliers and product ingredients during recall recovery