Product Quality Control

product quality temperature monitoring
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TraQtion’s product quality control solution gives you assurance that the products you receive meet your specifications, formulations and nutritional standards so you can make more informed product orders. By helping you achieve consistency in your product’s quality and safety regardless of supplier, you can be sure your customers are getting a consistent product every time.


  • Product testing: Plan inspections. Perform operational or finished product testing. Capture and upload test reports. Verify certificates of analysis (CoA).
  • Pre-shipment inspection and sign-offs: Prevent bad lots from leaving or entering the plant. Reject or accept pre-shipment inspections and sign-offs.
  • Integration of multiple sources of test results: Integration architecture to accept test data from suppliers and statistical process control (SPC) monitors to interpret the data.
  • Document control: Capture and search supporting information (such as a certificate of analysis) and related documents (such as a photo).
  • Quality control KPIs: Performance scorecards. You can track quality defects by ingredient attributes. Identify repeat offenders. Tap into the value of your test data. Maximize value when combined with complaint and supplier data.
  • Supplier corrective actions: Auto or manual CAR creation. Closed-loop approval workflow. Real-time communication and accountable follow-ups.
  • Real-time specification verification: Out-of-spec raw materials and finished products are automatically identified and corrective actions are raised.
  • Reduced time to replace recalled product or locate alternative suppliers: Easily search for replacement suppliers and product during recall recovery.