Operational Intelligence

operational intelligence monitors supplier, manufacturer and retailer performance
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TraQtion's operational intelligence module enables proactive, data-driven performance conversations with your suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. Your team has invested hard work into automating and tracking operational information. Don’t depend on spreadsheets to analyze trends. Let’s put that supply chain data – a critical corporate asset – to good use.


  • Trustworthy data: No more spreadsheet data manual pulls and manipulation. Draw conclusions about your operational performance knowing that TraQtion data is accurate, consistent and complete.
  • Supplier compliance KPIs: Evaluate supplier audits and SCARs performance. Grade suppliers by response time. Detect at-risk suppliers. Know where to prioritize continuous improvement efforts.
  • Ingredient and formulation KPIs: Monitor by formulation, batch or ingredient attributes. Determine where reductions can be made or claims can be promoted.
  • Quality control KPIs: Track quality defects by ingredient attributes. Identify repeat offenders. Tap into the value of your testing data.
  • Product complaints KPIs: Evaluate trends and patterns over time to monitor stores, suppliers and repeat offenders. Complaint KPIs and dashboards are included.
  • Sustainable sourcing KPIs: Monitor KPIs in real time with powerful trending and analytics capabilities. Review procurement and facility compliance across geographies, and trace sustainability activity all the way to the source.