Complaints Management

Filed supplier complaint for damaged goods
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TraQtion’s complaint and issues management solution is a closed-loop system that lets you track and resolve product complaints across the entire complaint life cycle. You can easily search for real-time status, performance metrics and reporting, which provides confidence that product events, assigned tasks and approvals are handled in a proper and timely manner. Use the data to analyze trends such as the nature and frequency of complaints. Monitor a supplier’s performance over time to identify patterns and repeat offenders.


  • Product complaint submission via TraQtion’s browser-based, mobile-friendly application. Built-in logic populates fields to make data entry hassle-free. Offline-friendly to avoid data loss during wireless disruptions.
  • Complaint records for supplier products: Associate complaints with the specific product and supplier. Assign ownership, escalate and send notifications and alerts.
  • A closed-loop corrective action workflow features automatic creation, assignments, reminders and detailed historical tracking.
  • Supplier complaints KPIs: Evaluate trends and patterns over time to monitor stores, suppliers and repeat offenders. Complaint KPIs and dashboards are included.
  • Global search of complaint data for real-time status providing the confidence that triggered events, assigned tasks and approvals are handled in a proper and timely manner.
  • Supporting information (e.g. photo of damaged product, supplier certificates) can be tracked to support claims.