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Webinar Technology's Role in Food Safety Culture

February 28, 2020 Categories: Compliance, Process Efficiency

Register now for a 45-minute webinar that discusses the role that technology plays as an enabler of food safety culture in the restaurant and grocery retail industries. Our guest speaker, Andrew Thorne (Business Development, TraQtion), will share examples of restaurants and grocery retailers who have applied a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) framework to food safety culture.

What restaurants and grocery retailers can expect from this webinar:

  • Learn how industry peers are challenging the status quo and why it matters
  • Discover why leadership wants to be involved
  • Explore technology’s role in enabling food safety culture

This webinar will be of interest to business leaders who share a corporate responsibility for food quality and product safety across the restaurant industry. This includes corporate, risk, marketing, product, quality assurance and retail store operations.

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About the Presenter

Andrew Thorne
Business Development, TraQtion

Andrew ThorneAndrew Thorne has 15 years of business development leadership and a strong background in software solutions for the food industry. His professional passion is consulting with clients on best practices and capabilities that not only fit their immediate needs but enable sustainable growth.