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Webinar Supplier Data to CSR Reporting

November 27, 2018 Categories: Sustainability, Supply Chain Visibility

Ninety percent of consumers said they would switch to more sustainable brands given comparable price and quality1. Yet, 55 percent of companies fail to formally measure sustainability2. The biggest challenges include a lack of supplier engagement, staff resources and data reporting tools to synthesize large volumes of supply chain data.

Join Meredith Reisfield, NSF International's Sustainability Consulting Sr. Program Manager, for a conversation on sustainability reporting best practices. This 45-minute webinar showcases NSF's sustainability reporting services coupled with the power of TraQtion's supplier sustainability reporting software capabilities. For more information on NSF’s sustainability consulting services please visit


About the Presenter

Meredith Reisfield, Sr. Program Manager, Sustainability Consulting, NSF International

Meredith ReisfieldIn her work leading NSF’s responsible sourcing work in the food, beverage and agricultural industries, Meredith and her team help companies and overcome big obstacles and set ambitious sustainability and risk reduction goals. Meredith assists NSF International clients in understanding their current responsible sourcing and sustainability performance and market position, analyzing their social and environmental supply and operations risks, crafting strategies and programs to meet their evolving challenges, and measuring the efficacy and success of these initiatives. Meredith combines her strategy and operations consulting background with work for organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and Environmental Law and Policy Center confronting corporate sustainability challenges. She holds a joint bachelor’s degree from Claremont McKenna College in environmental science, economics and policy and an MA in sustainable systems from the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment.