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Webinar Product Complaints: Early Indicator of Quality Defects

April 16, 2018 Categories: Product Transparency, Data Integrity, Supply Chain Visibility

Filed product complaint claims Recall prevention is a data-intensive endeavor. Product complaint data can be a powerful early warning indicator of quality defects that - without deeper analysis or corrective actions - can lead to future recalls. The data can lead you to discover patterns that indicate which products are high-risk or suppliers who are repeat offenders. The data indicates evidence of historical corrective actions taken in the event of a product recall. What story would your product complaints data tell you?

Join Claudine Fitzhugh, TraQtion’s Implementation & Support Leader, for a product showcase webinar focused on the power of product complaints. Learn how your business can track and resolve supplier, distribution center and store complaints across the entire product life cycle. Discover how to analyze transactional complaint data for at-risk patterns such as risky products or repeat offenders.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Build and automate a consistent complaints handling process
  • Mine complaint data to analyze failure trends
  • Simplify global product issues reporting
  • Feed continuous improvement efforts

A complaints handling system also allows you to:

  • Detect at-risk patterns (e.g. repeat offenders)
  • Recoup lost vendor credits
  • Shorten regulatory audits


About the Presenter

Claudine Fitzhugh, Implementation and Support Leader, TraQtion

Claudine FitzhughClaudine Fitzhugh has over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. Throughout her career she has maintained a broad knowledge of industrial technology spanning across fintech, CRM, eQMS and others. Her functional background includes business analysis, product development, project management and implementation expertise. Over the past four years, she has built TraQtion's high-performing application support team which delivers technical support to TraQtion's global retail, restaurant and manufacturing clientele.