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Webinar HelloFresh Digital FSMA Best Practices for Advanced Visibility Into Food Chains

June 19, 2018 Categories: Compliance, Data Integrity, Supply Chain Visibility, Process Efficiency, Implementation

Online grocers use TraQtion for FSMA compliance The age of online food retailing is here. In North America, 2 to 4 percent of retail groceries are purchased online.1 The online meal-kit delivery services industry is a $2 billion market with 30 percent growth expected over the next five years.2 Food retailers and grocery executives are looking for new ways to stay ahead.

In this webinar, HelloFresh's Neil Ylanan (Director, Food Safety) and Timothy Finnerty (Associate Director, Food Safety) talk about HelloFresh's winning recipe for food quality management. Discover its secret sauce for digitally transforming its global food safety quality assurance practices – process, people and technology – to ensure a safer supply chain. NSF International's Patrick Pimentel (Manager, Technical Services) moderates the discussion.

  • Learn about HelloFresh's unique business model
  • Explore how it created a collaborative, extended team to do more
  • Discover why supplier data management is critical to the business
  • Consider how NSF supplier assurance services can help your company