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Webinar FSMA Best Practices

February 5, 2016 Categories: Compliance, Supply Chain Mapping, Data Integrity, Supply Chain Visibility, Process Efficiency

Supply Chain Visibility with TraQtion In this webinar, we discuss best practices in accomplishing one of the two the most important goals of a food safety and QA professional: having real visibility of the compliance of each portion of the supply chain until your product reaches your final customer. We share recommendations and specific considerations in implementing a food safety and quality program in a specific order so that the programs are interconnected and build on each other, and the data shows you what you need to see, all in a way that doesn’t break the budget.

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About the Presenters

Lori Stephen, Business Development Director, TraQtion

Lori StephenA 20-year veteran of the restaurant and foodservice industry, Lori Stephens has a strong background in food safety, food quality, and business and technology development in the food industry. Her professional passion is working to create opportunities that enable organizations and teams to actually drive continuous improvement.

Andrew Thorne, Business Development Manager, TraQtion

Andrew Thorne Andrew Thorne has 15 years of business development leadership and a strong background in software solutions for the food industry. His professional passion is consulting with clients on best practices and capabilities that not only fit their immediate needs but enable sustainable growth.