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Case Study HelloFresh US

Categories: Compliance, Data Integrity, Process Efficiency, Technical Services

HelloFresh US meal kit delivery services HelloFresh US is the largest meal kit delivery company in America and the fastest-growing operations for its parent company, HelloFresh Group. In 2017, HelloFresh US operations delivered 10.63 million meal kit orders from 890,000 active customers. Depending on the market and meal plan, customers can choose from up to 14 different recipes that change on a weekly basis and cover a wide and diverse range of dietary preferences. HelloFresh US turned to NSF International and TraQtion for consulting services and software that would improve its supplier quality approval program.


“Vetting and managing suppliers is a continuous, indispensable task. We need to ensure the ingredients that we source and serve to our customers meet the highest standards.” - Associate Director of Food Safety, HelloFresh US

HelloFresh US works with an extensive network of suppliers. All suppliers are tracked regularly to assure that standards of quality and safety never waiver. HelloFresh wanted to more effectively manage and continuously improve its large, widely dispersed and varied supply chain. Traditional approaches are time-consuming, manual and prone to errors. The cost was a tax to HelloFresh’s manpower, technical knowledge and other resources.


HelloFresh US partnered with NSF international to establish and manage a supplier approval program. The solution leverages NSF’s vast network of technical and food safety expertise with TraQtion, a supplier management software solution that manages end-to-end supply chain food safety, product quality and compliance.

“NSF experts provide the technical eye needed to manage a safe supply chain, and the TraQtion software automates many of our processes. The NSF team functions as a critical extension of the HelloFresh team. In addition to the supplier management program, they’re able to support a wide range of technical areas including shelf life and product development.” - Associate Director of Food Safety, HelloFresh US


Existing HelloFresh suppliers have been transitioned from HelloFresh’s internal program to NSF managed services and TraQtion’s automated software with 100% of new suppliers onboarded by NSF. Working together, HelloFresh and the NSF/TraQtion team continue to innovate and expand supplier compliance capabilities.

“As the program evolves, we are able to gain insights into our supply chain that weren’t previously possible. At any moment we can run a report or filter the data and get a real-time shot of our supplier compliance… Migrating our HelloFresh supplier approval program from our internal process to NSF and TraQtion has been a big step for our company. We have much greater confidence knowing that our program is being administered by a world-class food safety organization.” - Associate Director of Food Safety, HelloFresh US

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