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Case Study Costco Wholesale

Categories: Compliance, Data Integrity, Process Efficiency

With over 4,000 global suppliers, 20 approved audit companies and operations in eight countries, Costco turned to TraQtion for a comprehensive, customized software solution to manage its global food supply chain and audit data management.


“We have thousands of suppliers undergoing food safety audits and we had no control over the data. We wanted a more intuitive software solution for our suppliers and us, so we could control the flow and integrity of the data.” - Director, Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Costco Wholesale

Costco wanted a single source of truth for its supplier network. Supplier data was not centralized, consolidated or controlled across the global supplier network. The trustworthiness of the data was a concern. Costco needed to capture accurate transactional supplier data and to detect, flag and track supplier non-compliances to identify potential supply chain risks before they occurred.


“We wanted a powerful solution that contained detailed information and made it easy to find all the information you want.” - Costco Vendor Audit Coordinator

TraQtion provided Costco a customized, cloud-based software solution with centralized supplier information accessible to buyers and food safety teams worldwide. Mobile auditing tools made it easier to collect data on-site. Supplier information was centralized and accessible to buyers and food safety teams worldwide. High-risk suppliers were identified by analyzing and comparing supplier, product, auditing and testing data. Data quality improved by using stronger access controls and intelligent process design. Costco was empowered to close out and trend non-compliances using the corrective action management feature.


“TraQtion delivers functionality and usability and allows us to gather information more quickly. Life is easier now and I’m saving a lot of time every day.” - Vendor Audit Coordinator, Costco

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