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TraQtion Launches Proprietary Compliance Engine

January 27, 2016Categories: Compliance, Implementation, Product Transparency

TraQtion, formerly called Aspirago, can proactively scan and interpret data and immediately alert clients when a supplier, product or site is out of compliance

Supplier scorecards visualize NSF compliance engine results ANN ARBOR, Mich. – TraQtion, a wholly owned subsidiary of NSF International, an organization dedicated to protecting and improving human health with 70 years of expertise in food safety and quality, announces significant upgrades to its cloud-based quality and compliance software. Formerly known as Aspirago, the new name TraQtion (pronounced traction) better communicates the idea of helping clients move forward confidently with quality as the main driver. This software system provides companies a unique and trusted way to manage their global supply chains.

Significant upgrades to TraQtion include a new, proprietary intelligent compliance engine that goes far beyond simply storing data, but also scans, evaluates and interprets the data to ensure it meets requirements. Importantly, it immediately alerts clients of higher risk profile suppliers, products and sites for quick follow-up actions, which helps protect consumers and the client’s brand. This is essential given today’s rapidly changing global supply chains.

TraQtion’s new capabilities include:

  • TraQtion intelligent compliance engine that continually runs its algorithm in the background to check and send alerts and provide at-a-glance visibility to problem areas, allowing intelligent prioritization of critical responses across all locations.
  • Enhanced product inspection module for automatic identification of in-spec and out-of-spec products through testing and inspections.
  • Advanced dashboards that provide a visual overview of a company’s quality and compliance program. A color-coded compliance rating for suppliers, products and sites quickly helps identify any issues.

“Today’s food safety and quality professionals’ deal with numerous data points originating from multiple sources to identify if a supplier or product is safe to use,” said Sireesha Mandava, Senior Director, Information Management Services. “TraQtion allows a business to build a solution that works seamlessly with current processes and procedures by integrating with other internal and external systems for smooth information flow,” she continued. “Each solution has a wide range of modules allowing businesses to choose the depth and breadth of quality and compliance needed for their brand.”

With TraQtion, quality and compliance are tracked from macro to micro detail, problems are anticipated and corrective measures can be taken immediately, from anywhere at any time, all within a secure system that ensures the data is safe. TraQtion offers a range of solutions important to the food industry through the support of NSF International food, product safety and quality experts. NSF International has already made a significant investment in TraQtion and over the next three years, will invest an additional $6.5 million to further expand functionality to deliver smart end-to-end quality and compliance solutions.

The suite of TraQtion products includes:

  • Supplier Compliance – TraQtion provides control and visibility into the supply chain and supplier communication. Its proprietary compliance engine runs around the clock, checking against requirements and generating automatic alerts for appropriate actions. This solution can help companies acquire better document management that is part of the FDA’s FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification Program.
  • Product Compliance – TraQtion provides assurance that products received meet specifications and assists in more informed product orders. All product information is in one place allowing for full compliance that can allow for immediate pull of products and identification of alternate suppliers in a time of need.
  • Site Compliance – TraQtion provides necessary tools at the site level while enabling centralized compliance tracking. The central dashboard for all facilities with at-a-glance performance ratings identified by the TraQtion compliance engine helps in quick actions and streamlined communications.

TraQtion currently provides critical quality and compliance tools to restaurant and retail chains as well as manufacturers. With thousands of users in 90 countries, TraQtion helps them to make the right decisions at the right time.

TraQtion Supply Chain Risk Dashboard

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