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By 2020, U.S. foodservice operators will spend $237 billion to procure food supplies.1 It is estimated that approximately 10 percent ($25 billion) of this spend will be lost to food waste each year.2

Restaurant executives are looking for creative solutions to increase store profitability without compromising food safety. Carrying out supplier due diligence, conducting quality control inspections and investigating supplier complaints on top of juggling resource-intensive daily operations is a challenge.

To compete to win, restaurant operations are offering broader menu options (including clean, gluten-free and vegan) and selling take-home pre-packaged goods. FDA allergen labeling rules now apply. TraQtion provides a comprehensive full-service suite of capabilities to help you get FSVP- and FSMA-compliant.

TraQtion for Foodservice

TraQtion Software for Foodservice

TraQtion helps restaurants:

  • Prevent food recalls by identifying quality defects and risky suppliers earlier in the production process
  • Make faster decisions and prioritize continuous improvement projects by tapping into the value of your supply chain data
  • Scale as your business grows – new brands, products, stores, DCs, suppliers and cross-selling strategies
  • Maximize productivity by no longer chasing suppliers when regulatory and other documents expire or are missing