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How Resilient Is Your Food and Beverage Supply Chain?

The food and beverage sector ranks as the second highest category for product recall insurance claims.1 Supply chain leaders in both retail and manufacturing rank product quality incidents as the second highest cause for supply chain disruption.2

Consumers want more product diversity and ingredient transparency. In 2016, new product introductions for consumer packaged goods reached their highest level since 2007 with over 70 new label claims.3

Upstream visibility is critical to mitigating supply chain risks. To be competitive, manufacturers are cutting costs by sourcing raw materials globally, which requires navigating varying regulations.

Visibility to potential supply chain risks is often limited to Tier 1 suppliers. Manufacturers need to simplify FSMA record keeping, track product source information and ensure international suppliers are FSVP-compliant.

TraQtion technology was built to make your supply chain more resilient and to avoid recall risks by quickly identifying risky suppliers. In turn, this boosts your customers’ trust in the safety, quality and consistency of your product.

TraQtion for Manufacturers

TraQtion Software for Manufacturers

TraQtion helps manufacturers:

  • Prevent food recalls by tracking product source and ingredient attributes for traceability and claim validation
  • Optimize receiving productivity and accuracy by comparing supplier specification to your quality specifications and controls
  • Make faster decisions and prioritize continuous improvement projects by tapping into the value of your supply chain data
  • Scale as your business grows – new brands, products, stores, DCs, suppliers and cross-selling strategies