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In this digital age, consumers expect more transparency. Buyers want to know more about the ingredients in their products before they make buying decisions. To compete, retailers must ensure that their product’s ingredient, allergens and nutrition information is complete and accurate.

Tracking product attribute information across the end-to-end supply chain is a big task. The challenge is that your shelves are lined with FDA-regulated products that are manufactured or handled by 270,000 facilities, 50 percent of which are overseas.1

Product recalls are the cost of poor product data and quality defects. Retailers take responsibility for a share of product recall liability, yet lack the visibility and data sharing to influence upstream quality controls.

In a multi-tiered supply chain environment, supply chain visibility and transparency is critical to success. Retailers need a two-fold solution to track product attributes and trace source information for global suppliers, ensuring that the food chain is FSMA- and FSVP-compliant.

TraQtion is an industry-recognized cloud quality and compliance solution designed to help retailers map their end-to-end supply chain, tracking product attributes from source to store.

TraQtion for Retailers

TraQtion Software for Retailers

TraQtion helps retailers:

  • Prevent food recalls by tracking product source and ingredient attributes for traceability and claim validation
  • Optimize receiving productivity and accuracy by comparing supplier specification to your quality specifications and controls
  • Make faster decisions and prioritize continuous improvement projects by tapping into the value of your supply chain data
  • Scale as your business grows – new brands, products, stores, DCs, suppliers and cross-selling strategies