TraQtion lets you manage your company’s quality and compliance in a way that makes sense for your business: Build a solution that works seamlessly with your current processes and procedures and integrate data from your internal and external systems for smooth information flow. TraQtion’s compliance engine provides robust real-time analytics to help you visualize potential threats and take proactive measures.


Supplier Compliance

With TraQtion’s supplier compliance feature, you can communicate with all your suppliers and manage all their information in one place. The unique compliance engine runs around the clock, checking supplier information against your requirements and automatically notifying both you and your suppliers of non-compliances, then following up on their corrective actions.

Modules in this solution include: Supplier Management, Supplier Registration, Advanced Supply Chain, Audits, Compliance Documents, Corrective Actions, Questionnaires, Complaints, Training, Dashboards, Communication Center

Product Compliance

TraQtion’s product compliance solution gives you assurance that the products you receive meet your specifications or formulations and can help you make more informed product orders. TraQtion puts all your product information in one place so you are fully compliant. You can immediately and accurately pull products and identify alternate suppliers in times of crisis.

Modules in this solution include: Foundational Products, Intermediate Products, Advanced Products, Product Inspections, Supplier Registration, Advanced Supply Chain, New - Advanced Specification, Compliance Documents, Corrective Actions, Questionnaires, Complaints, Training, Dashboards, Communication Center


Site Compliance

Our site compliance solution gives you an eagle-eye view of all your facilities by either managerial or regional hierarchies. Check the central dashboard to see, at a glance, which of your locations is performing well and which ones are not meeting your standards. Red, amber and green ratings help you gauge and prioritize your responses. And you can send out automatic notifications, or easily communicate with any or all locations.

Modules in this solution include: Sites, Audits, Compliance Documents, Questionnaires, Complaints, Corrective Actions, Training, Dashboards, Communication Center

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Supplier Management

Manage suppliers, facilities, contacts, correspondence and compliance with TraQtion’s supplier management module. It also helps manage hierarchical supplier relationships.


The sites module helps manage hierarchies, documents and contacts across all of your locations such as stores, distribution centers, restaurants, factories, etc.

Foundational Products

The most basic product module we offer, the foundational products module helps manage products, manufacturing locations, documents and attributes.

Intermediate Products

The second tier in our product line, the intermediate products module, provides all the functionality of the foundational products module with the addition of specifications management tools.

Advanced Products

The premier product module, advanced products, helps manage products, manufacturing locations, documents and attributes, specifications, nutrition and formulations/recipes.

Advanced Specification

The advanced specification module helps customers track and control all data related to specific ingredients, recipes, dietary and nutritional information and approved suppliers. It helps improve time to market and address the growing demand of health-conscious consumers to track ingredient claims including non-GMO, nutritional labels and allergens.

Product Evaluations

The product evaluations module helps perform cuttings, inspections and tests against product specifications using online or mobile tools. Out-of-spec products are automatically identified and corrective actions are raised.

Advanced Supply Chain

The advanced supply chain module provides end-to-end supply chain mapping with unlimited hierarchy levels. You can track your product from components, or ingredients, all the way through to the retail store, all in one place.

Supplier Registration

This module provides self-registration functionality for your suppliers and routes the information for appropriate approvals and on-boarding.

Compliance Documents

The compliance documents module helps you manage all compliance documents, expirations and approvals in line with your company’s policies and procedures.


Use TraQtion’s questionnaires module to create and send questionnaires, assessments and surveys to suppliers and/or sites.


The audits module lets you create, assign, schedule and perform audits on mobile devices offline or online. You can send automatic audit reports with the scoring and grading rules that fit your policies and procedures. You can even use this module to develop and publish custom audit templates.


The complaints module helps you track and resolve supplier, product or guest complaints. This module automatically identifies trends and brings repeat problems to your attention with its unique escalation process.

Corrective Actions

This module provides closed loop corrective action management with automatic creation, reminders, review workflow and detailed history tracking.


This module keeps a record of training requirements, including training that has been completed, and reminds your staff and vendors of training compliance.


The Dashboard module provides a visual overview of your quality and compliance program. Through elegant graphics and color-coded compliance ratings for suppliers, products and sites, it helps quickly identify any issues.

Communication Center

The communication center module lets you send targeted messages via the Web and email to specific suppliers or locations, based on your chosen criteria. This module also tracks acknowledgments so you know your message has been received.