TraQtion’s core functionalities and modular system are applicable to any business that maintains quality and compliance over a complex supply chain. Any product or site that must be safe, sanitary, sustainable, ethically sourced, 100 percent this,
0 percent that, or any other specification, can benefit from a TraQtion solution.



Internal Audits

TraQtion is an exceptional system for managing internal audits. In addition to mobile tools to perform audits, our dashboards give you a visual overview of your suppliers and sites with their audit scores and corrective actions.

Infection Prevention

Hospital acquired infections are on the rise and yet are entirely preventable. Hospitals can use TraQtion’s site compliance function to track sanitation practices, gather swab results and proactively avoid hospital acquired infections.

Complaints Management

Increase customer satisfaction and improve your products or services with TraQtion’s complaints module. Our quality and compliance specialists can recommend a set of modules that works for the size and type of your business.

Audit and Certification Management

(for Audit Companies and Standard Owners)
TraQtion provides a single online system for audit companies and standard owners to manage audits and certification and communicate directly with auditees. Using TraQtion you can manage suppliers and their locations, create and submit audit reports, review and track corrective actions, create and publish electronic certificates and review trends to improve standards.

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