In the highly competitive food and beverage landscape, juggling tight margins and changing consumer preferences are huge challenges. Add increased regulations and complex supply chains, and keeping an eye on the big picture becomes a seemingly impossible task. What’s more, while all companies in the supply chain are impacted by recalls, it’s retailers, restaurants and processors—the name brands—that face the biggest risk.

All of which is why the world’s most trusted food companies rely on TraQtion to manage quality and compliance. TraQtion can help reduce the risk of recalls by visualizing and alerting you to potential problems in real-time. And our secure firewalls mean you can use any supplier or service provider with our system.

Depth of Experience

TraQtion was developed by food safety experts for food safety needs. Created by NSF International, one of the most respected global food safety companies, we have been working alongside processors, retailers and regulators for over 70 years. Our mission has always been improving and protecting human health. TraQtion was originally built to benefit our biggest customers and now, after years of rigorous, real-world use and continuous improvements, it has evolved to be a robust end-to-end quality and compliance solution for all companies.

TraQtion is also offered in conjunction with NSF’s food safety services forming a powerful global managed solution to help protect your brand.

Your Solution

Say goodbye to the paper chase. Quickly get an accurate overview of your company’s quality compliance. Every TraQtion solution is customized to fit your process so you get a system that works for you, not the other way around. As a single repository for all your documents, audit reports, questionnaires and certifications, TraQtion helps your team work together seamlessly. And our cloud-based platform means your QA team can log in from anywhere, anytime.

Our intuitive software automates the minutiae of tasks and analyzes your data against a robust algorithm. The result is red, amber or green risk ratings, displayed on your customized dashboard with detailed information accessible in three clicks or less.

Supplier Compliance

TraQtion’s Supplier Compliance solution can help you be FSMA-ready by providing document management compliance for the FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program. TraQtion is more than just storage, our compliance engine scans each document and proactively notifies you and you suppliers before new audits and documents are due.

Product Compliance

Your customers are looking for consistently delicious products each and every time. Let TraQtion’s Product Compliance solution help you achieve consistency in your product’s quality and safety regardless of supplier. Rest easy knowing that the products carrying your name live up to your specifications, formulations and nutritional standards.


Site Compliance

TraQtion can help you ensure that your guests have a positive experience at your restaurants or stores. TraQtion helps you keep an eye on things regardless of how big your network grows. Your personalized dashboard will show you which locations are hitting the mark and which locations need more attention.

To learn more about these solutions, and the modules that comprise them, please visit our Product Features page.

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