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Website Usage Data: The website of TRAQTION (interchangeable “TRAQTION,” “we,” and “us”) tracks usage data, including, for example, your IP address, your domain name, your browser type and version, whether you used a computer, mobile phone or other device to access our site, what day and time you visited us, how long you stayed on our site, which pages you view on our site, which page, if any, linked you to our site, and which link, if any, you follow off of our site. We use this data to better understand website activity to improve our site offerings, or for troubleshooting and issue resolution purposes. At no point does TRAQTION use this information to track browsing or identify personal information about the visitor. We do not track URLs that you type into your browser, nor do we track you across the Internet once you leave our site.

Opt in. If you opted in to receive information from us, by supplying us with your email or postal address online, we may periodically send email or mail with information on new products, services or upcoming events. We do not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose this information to persons or organizations outside TRAQTION and its affiliates.

If you no longer wish to receive emailed or mailed information from TRAQTION, please let us know by sending an email to TRAQTION at or via direct mail to: TRAQTION, 789 North Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor MI 48105.

Your user name, passwords and security: Some sections of the TRAQTION website require the use of a user name and password. When you use this site, you are encouraged to maintain the confidentiality of your user name and password as you will be responsible for all the activities that occur under your user name or password. We also remind you that you should monitor the usage of your TRAQTION website user names and passwords by your employees. You are free, at any time, to request a change in your user name and password. You can do this by sending us an email at When needed, we do reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel transactions. Also we do take reasonable precautions to protect the security of the information you provide to us, but by using our site, you acknowledge and agree that no information transmitted over the Internet is completely secure and that we cannot and do not guarantee or warrant the security of any information you provide to us or any information stored on our servers, and that you are submitting any such information at your own risk.

No information from children: IF YOU ARE UNDER 13 YEARS OF AGE, THEN PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS OR USE OUR SITE AT ANY TIME OR IN ANY MANNER. If you are under age 18, please do not provide any personal information about yourself to us. If we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under age 18, we will delete that information, as quickly as possible.

How and why we use web technologies: Here is how and why we use some common Web technologies to help manage our websites:

Cookies: A “cookie” is a small piece of information that our website may provide to your browser while you are at our sites. The TRAQTION website supplies your browser with cookies that contain a unique identifier used to better understand website usage in the aggregate and on an individual level so we know what areas of our site users prefer (e.g., based on the number of visits to those areas). This is done through a tracking utility that allows us, for example, to reconstruct activity from a session or by a user, for troubleshooting and issue resolution purposes. TRAQTION may also employ service providers to help us collect and understand our website usage data.

When periodic surveys are presented to website visitors, cookies are used to prevent issuing multiple invitations to the same individual.

If you are a registered member on the TRAQTION website, you will receive a cookie when you login. This cookie is maintained by your browser and contains your identifier. This cookie is also used to authenticate your identity and provide you with access to areas of our website that are limited to registered members, such as those that allow you to view and manage your personal profile.

Additionally, TRAQTION service providers that serve ads on affiliate and/or advertiser websites may assign different cookies and small graphical images called single-pixel GIFs or web beacons, to your browser to track the effectiveness of TRAQTION advertising on other websites and your involvement with TRAQTION. For example, as part of the TRAQTION affiliate programs, our service providers use cookies and web beacons to determine when affiliate program members have referred a customer to TRAQTION via a link on their website. The TRAQTION website also sets a temporary cookie that contains a unique, anonymous identifier that is provided to the service provider to ensure that each referral is only counted once. This cookie is not linked to a customer’s personal information. The cookies and web beacons are necessary to ensure that affiliate program members are appropriately credited for their referrals. Service providers report data in the aggregate and do not link it to individual customer information. TRAQTION may also employ service providers who may assign cookies or web beacons to your browser to assist us in collecting website usage data such as your IP address, session ID, URL and demographic information such as your zip code. The collection of data may include personally identifiable information. We do not track URLs that you type into your browser, nor do we track you across the Internet once you leave our site.

If you simply want to browse, you do not have to accept cookies from our site. Should you decide, however, that you would like to register and sign in to special areas of the website and you have modified your browser settings not to accept cookies, you will need to re-set your browser to accept the cookies that we send. Otherwise, you won’t be able to participate in certain areas of the website. Most browsers are defaulted to accept and maintain cookies.

Since most browsers are defaulted to accept and maintain cookies, you will most likely have to set your browser to reject new cookies or to disable them altogether, in order to avoid receiving future cookies from the TRAQTION website. Please note that if you choose to reject or disable cookies, your access to certain areas within the TRAQTION website may be limited.

How we use service providers: In some cases, we will employ or use service providers such as a third party provider to send Emails on our behalf, to provide website hosting, maintenance and security services, and to assist us in understanding usage and demographic patterns. When we employ service providers, we may need to share your personally identifiable information. Service providers are strictly prohibited from using your personally identifiable information for purposes other than to act on our behalf.

Legal Requests: We may disclose information pursuant to subpoenas, court orders, warrants or other requests (including both civil and criminal matters) if we in good faith believe that the disclosure is required by law. This may include addressing requests from jurisdictions outside of the United States.

We may also share information when we in good faith believe, after making reasonable inquiries, it is necessary to take precautions against liability to us, including to prevent fraud or other illegal activity, defend ourselves against third-party allegations or claims, prevent bodily harm or protect ourselves, our other customers or you. We will notify you of these disclosures if we reasonably think we can do so legally without harming the purpose of the disclosure.

Links: When you click on a link on our site, you may leave our site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites, and we encourage you to read their terms and conditions, terms of use, privacy policies and/or privacy statements prior to using their site.

Changes: We may change this Privacy Policy at any time. If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by publication on this page. Please check this Privacy Policy periodically for those changes. Your continued use of this site after the posting of changes constitutes your binding acceptance of such changes.

Applicable Law: By visiting TRAQTION’s site, you agree that the laws of the state of Michigan and the United States, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws, will govern this Privacy Policy and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and TRAQTION. By using our site, you consent to having your personal information transferred to and processed, stored and used in the United States. Any claims or complaints must be filed in the state of Michigan in the United States.

We can be reached at, 888-943-0277 or (+1) 734-214-6220. Our postal address is:

789 North Dixboro Road,
Ann Arbor, MI 48105, USA


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Last Updated: January 8, 2016